Womens Legacy Project, Snohomish County
League of Snohomish County Heritage OrganizationsThe Women's Legacy Project of Snohomish County, Washington seeks to honor our foremothers by recording and sharing their personal histories, their ability to adapt to the forces of change and their constant vigilance as stewards of the diverse cultures of our society.
This website is a collection of stories about women's lives.  Those women included here are from many cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.   They worked in business, industry, government, schools, medicine and the military. Their accomplishments include creation of schools, hospitals, libraries, and churches.  They were often leaders of community organizations that provided social "safety nets " but they could also be recipients of community services.  And as always, they were central to the invaluable creation of homes and the nurturing of families.

We are accepting submissions for new stories - you may contact the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations to inquire.

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This website is made possible with the creative collaboration of the original Women's Legacy Group that met for several years until about 2009.  Since then it has been managed by Board members of the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations.  Original funders included: 

The Washington Women's History Consortium

The Greater Everett Community Foundation

The City of Everett, Washington

The League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations who are our website hosts.

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Everett Public Library Northwest Room

Story #1 Alice and Clara Rigby ~ Independent Photographers in an Age of Few Women Owned Businesses. 
Story #2 Nancy Coleman Bolton ~ Movie Actress and Broadway Star From Everett
Story #3 Mary Jane Green ~ Once a slave from Tennessee, Mary Jane Green spent her last years in the sawmill town, Everett, Washington.
Story #4 Addie Fielder Lane ~ Pioneer and Builder of Religious Communities 1870 – 1943
Story #5 Phyllis Royce  ~ Independent and Determined to Stay that Way
Story #6 Mae Randall Parkhurst Swanson  ~ Hard-working Businesswoman 1879-1952
Story #7 Mary Gertrude Stockbridge Allen ~ Artist, Musician, Mother and Wife of Stanwood and Lake Stevens.
Story #8 In Search of Nora Burglon ~ Swedish American children's literature writer who lived in Snohomish County
Story #9 Mabel Monsey ~ Chronicles of a Farm Wife, 1891-1903: ~ Early pioneer living in the deep woods of Lake Stevens.
Story #10 Clara Morris Young ~ Her Granddaughter Remembers ...1886 - 1983
Story #11 Mary Burgess  ~ Braiding Multiple Talents into a Full Life
Story #12 Vernal Gay Love ~ She Fought for Prohibition, 1890 - 1964
Story #13 Amelia Austin ~  Tualco Valley Pioneer, 1879 - 1908
Story #14 Local women start the Alderwood Manor Community Library
Story #15 Choon Lee and Priscilla Roberts  ~  Mother and Daughter’s Love Forged by Time, Circumstance and Sacrifice
Story #16  Marian Harrison  ~   She Never Let Color, Gender or Age Stop Her
Story # 17  Alice White Reardon ~  Newspaper Publisher 1867 - 1951
Story # 18  Martha Solie Muckey ~ Career Social Worker  ~ 1895 - 1967
Story # 19  Ruth Morrice - Full Time Career Postal Worker ~ 1902-1973
Story # 20  Lorraine Smith  ~  One of Everett’s ‘Rosie the Riveter’
Story # 21  Nancy Weis ~ Professional Volunteer
Story # 22  The Frohning Women ~ Generations of Farm Wives of Monroe
Story # 23  Stanwood’s Namesake: Clara J. Stanwood Pearson
Story # 24  Nellie Robertson ~ A Lifetime of Writing in Monroe
Story # 25 Jane Berry ~ First Businesswoman of Monroe, Washington
Story # 26  Hazel Clark  ~ Everett Public Librarian, 1928 to 1975
Story # 27  Esther Ross  ~  She Stopped the Bicentennial Wagon Train And Made Sure the Stillaguamish People Were Recognized
Story # 28  Helen Parkhurst Sievers ~ She Followed Her Mother’s Example, 1912 - 2004
Story # 29  Sarah Andrews Thornton ~  Teacher and Lecturer
Story #30 Louisa Fowler Sinclair ~  Memories of a Pioneer Childhood in Mukilteo
Story #31 Grace Wilcox Bargreen ~ Her life has been a medley with three themes—Family, Community and Music
Story #32  Enid Thrall Nordlund ~ Naturalist, Historian, Mountaineer
Story #33 Alice Kerr ~ Edmonds, WA Mayor
Story #34 Grace Kirwan ~ Monroe Businesswoman, U. S. Navy Officer, Hospital & Library Trustee and Historian.
Story #35 Jean Bedal Fish ~  Elder of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe
Story #36 Eva Jones Davis ~ Everett Pioneer
Story #37 Electa Friday ~ Nurse & first Superintendent and General Manager of Everett Hospital
Story #38 Maria Sneatlum ~ Tulalip Tribal Member, an inspiration to a new generation
Story #39 Lucy Spada ~ Small Town Postmaster Earns Community’s Respect
Story #40  Anna Agnes Maley (1872-1918) ~ Everett’s First Woman Editor and Washington State Socialist Candidate for Governor
Story #41  How We Are Progressing: Tillie Winkler Robinson's  Letters Home
Story #42  Grace DeRooy VerHoeven: An Everett Childhood of the 1930s and 40s
Story #43 Eleanor Leight – Beloved dancer shares talent with her community
Story #44 Phyllis Dana – Nursing career leads to Pearl Harbor and life of travel, 1917 - 2006
Story #45 ~ Travel the world? Yes! Supermarket? No Way!
 ~ A Biography of Dorothy Otto Kennedy
Story #46 Snohomish County Women and the 1910 Suffrage Campaign
Story #47 Blanche Edith Shannahan ~ Teacher and Historian of Pioneer Life, 1891- 1968
Story #48 Mary Webb Duryee ~ Small Town Girl - Big Time Communicator
Story #49 Ida Noyes McIntire ~ One of Our First Women Doctors
Story #50 Idamae Schack ~ "I Just Did It"
Story #51 Emma Serepta Yule ~ Legendary Educator
Story #52 The Lady Managers of Everett’s First Hospital
Story #53  Mary Low Sinclair ~ Forgotten Founder of Snohomish
Story #54  Bah-Hahtlh (Return to Good) Katrina Bagley
Story #55  Lillian Sylten Spear ~ Public Power Advocate
Story #56  Myrtle Ferrell ~ Children's Advocate & Community Leader
Story #57  Anastasia Spithill ~ She has her day in court!
Story #58  SIASTENU ~ RUTH SEHOME SHELTON – Good will ambassador for her people
Story #59  Gwendolyn Shakespeare ~ A teacher forever remembered
Story #60 Rosamund Spoerhase ~ A pioneer midwife
Story #61 Missouri Hanna: “Mother of Journalism in Washington State”
Story #62 Nina Blackman Bakeman: Snohomish Teacher and Civic Leader (1862-1941)
Story #63 The World is Advancing - Advance With It - The Motto of the Stanwood Monday Study Club
Story #64 Anna Blacken Carlson Swanson ~ Silvana Hotelkeeper and Businesswoman
Story #65 Lillie Hayes Radley
Story #66 Walburga Eisen - Early Day Entrepreneur
Story #67 Jennie Gertrude "Gertie" Perrin ~ Created a town in the "Sticks"
Story #68  Mary (Knott) Langrill ~ A Survivor & A Mapping Mystery
Story #69 Pilchuck Julia Jack ~ Mystique and Myth
Story #70 Madame Luella Boyer ~ Everett’s Pioneer African-American Businesswoman
Story #71 Frances E Anderson ~ Edmonds School District Legend
Story #72 Ruth Morrice ~ A Continuation of Her Story as a Postal Service Worker
Story #73 Martha Kraencke ~ The Walking Lady of Edmonds
Story #74 Lillie Cordelia (Nairn) Breed ~ Pioneer in the Wilderness
Story #75 Marjorie Duryee ~ Everett author and artist
Story #76 Marie Joyce (Sherwood) Little ~ Advocate for the Preservation of a City’s Roots
Story #77 Hiroko (Hiro) Haji ~ A True Patriot and Citizen
Story #78 Margaret Mossford Barber ~ A Natural Educator
Story #79 Mabel Boyes Neisinger ~ Long Time Resident of Monroe
Story #80 Minerva Healy Lucken ~ Keeper of the Family Flame
Story #81 Eva Bailey McFall ~ Teacher and Snohomish County School Superintendent
Story #82 Dorothy May Brand Anderson - Stanwood's Beloved Town Doctor
Story #83 Everett Women's Book Club - An Ongoing Legacy to Literacy
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